Roger Dudley passed away unexpectedly on 6/16/2022! He was 69!
Roger loved the Abyssinian breed and adored his beloved Kaisar, his first Abyssinian kitten,

who came to him in December 2008. From that time forward, he was hooked!
Abys do that to you! Their love is unconditional. He wanted people
to experience the same love he had come to know. After Kaiser passed away, that’s when he
started his cattery and named it appropriately after Kaisar! And ended it with Katz,
part of the name of the former cattery, KentuckyKatz.com, where Kaiser was raised.

Sultana was his first female and came from Bruce Alexy. She was the apple of his eye.


Feel free to scroll through the pages of his beautiful Abyssinians, adults, and babies.
Please know that all of Roger’s Abyssinians are in new homes and are being loved
and giving love back because of Roger. A note to those Abyssinian owners
and breeders. In his last will and testament, Roger made certain that his Abyssinians were

well taken care of, and he always suggested you make provisions for your animals in your last
will and testament. If you don’t, and you are single, most states
automatically take them to the Humane Society.

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