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Alexy Sultana

“Sultana” is our foundation Queen! She is now retired in her new home. You will find some of her daughters on this page.


Ariana is the daughter of Alexy Sultana! Another great mother, graceful, elegant, and loving! Now retired and in her new home!

Jazz Harmony

Jazz Harmony has that occasional Blue, which is rare in our cattery! She comes to us from Canada. Now retired and in her new home.


Another one of Alexy Sultana’s daughters! Beautiful Ruddy! Healthy babies born, Reds and Ruddy are a day old, with a kitten from another litter in the top picture! You can see how fast they grow in a photo of two of them by themselves. Ariel and all kittens are in their new home.


Phoenix is one of our own by a different father! She has been raised in our home from birth with our entire cattery family. She now has a new home.


Luna is one of our additions to our breeding line. She is one of our own and now has a new home.


Bear is one of our youngest and newest to our Queens in 2022! She is Jazz Harmony’s baby. She will not be a breeder and is currently in her new home.

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