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Abyssinians are one of the oldest known cat breeds. Their origins date back over 2,600 years. As far back as 1,600 years ago, the documentation notes that they were entombed with their masters in Egypt and found in hieroglyphics on the walls in that area. The Abyssinian cat resembles an ancient Egyptian cat’s image: its muscular body, beautiful arched neck, large ears, and almond-shaped eyes. Though the exact origin is questioned, the Abyssinian resembles these murals and statues of cats in Egypt or the mummified stuffed remains of cats found in India – it is acknowledged as a long-established, natural cat breed, with many of the physical features of its wild ancestors.


Joaquin, our Red Sire from Medellin, Columbia, comes from Grand Champion bloodlines. Pictured as a kitten, and then as an adult! Not our best shot; like we said, he’s hard to catch for a photoshoot! But what a sweetheart and he loves the ladies!

Joaquin will continue breeding in his new cattery.

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