Taking Your Kitten Home!

Abyssinian kittens are pretty resilient! With that being said, they trust easily. One of the most important issues of trust and bonding with your new kitten is taking it home. How you take it home and how it is treated for the duration is extremely important for its’ trust in you and its’ health!

  • We can deliver your kitten to you personally, by car or air.
  • We will meet you half way, by car or air.
  • You can come to our breeding facility, our home, and pick up your kitten.

All methods vary in price with the exception of you coming to pick up your kitten. All methods require a pet travel case large enough for the kitten to stand up and turn around. Depending on what method is best for you both, prices vary. Every situation is different, so contact us to discuss this important step. If you have not yet read the kitten agreement or filled out the questionnaire to reserve your kitten, please click here!

We will not ship any kitten by itself!

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